If I was Brian Cashman

Looking forward to the 2009 season, after falling just short of the 2008 Post-Season, I’ve put more than a little effort into what I believe should be the 2009 opening day Roster. I’ll keep this short, sweet, and to the point.


1.) CF- Brett Gardner

2.) SS- Derek Jeter

3.) 3B- Alex Rodriguez

4.) DH- Manny Ramirez

5.) RF- Bobby Abreu

6.) LF- Xavier Nady

7.) C- Jorge Posada

8.) 2B- Robinson Cano

9.) 1B- Juan Miranda


1.) CC Sabathia

2.) Chien-Ming Wang

3.) Joba Chamberlain

4.) Mike Mussina

5.) The number five slot in the rotation, I would hold Spring Training try-outs. The Candidates are: Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Chase Wright and Alfredo Aceves


CL- Mariano Rivera

RHSU- Brian Bruney

RHSU- Jose Veras

RHSU- Edwar Ramirez

LHSU-Phil Coke

LHSU- Damaso Marte

Long man-Dan Giese


C- Jose Molina

IF- Juan Miranda/ Cody Ransom

IF- Wilson Betemit

OF- Justin Christian

The rotation is self-explanatory. CC, Wang and Chamberlain would be, possibly, the most fearsome top three in baseball. Mike Mussina, although retirement has been hinted, has completely transformed himself; I believe he’ll return. The men competing for the 5th spot in the rotation are all quality pitchers–especially Phil Hughes.

I’d trade Damon while his value is high and also Hideki Matsui. Yes, I’d be willing to eat payroll, as long as I got decent prospects in return. I wouldn’t be too picky though, these two are aging.

I have the Miranda/Ransom platoon at first, because Miranda absolutely destroys RHP and Ransom bludgeons LHP. Ransom is also a very good defender, able to come in as a late-inning replacement. On top of that, Big Tex is asking for a ridiculous 10-year contract and is being represented by Scott Boras.

I chose Manny because, as we’ve seen, he’s still one of the premier sluggers in baseball. When he is on a mission, I truly believe he is the best hitter in baseball(Yes even better than Pujols!!11!!). Look at what he’s done in LA. If he were to come to NY, he’d be there playing for the team he grew up watching and he would also get his opportunity to stick it to his former team, the Red Sox. Manny would have a season for the ages. Plus, could you imagine Manny and A-rod hitting back-to-back?

Ladies and Gentleman, my 2009 New York Yankees. I’d be more than happy to go to war with that team.


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