Crazy trade Ideas

I’ve been getting into some armchair GM discussions with people, and I’ve heard some of the craziest trade ideas of my life. There were numerous ideas thrown around–some decent, some horrendous, but one really tickled my funny bone. This is the hilarious aforementioned trade:

Yankees get: Albert Pujols

Cardinals receive: Ian Kennedy, Shelly Duncan, Melky Cabrera and “a low-level prospect”

Laughed so hard I almost lost my breakfast. This type of thing never ceases to amaze me, it really doesn’t. You do not have to be a Sabermetrics wizard to figure this out. While talking trades, all you have to do is apply logical scenarios; just be reasonable.

Would you trade a $100 bill for a $1 bill? No, I didn’t think so. So why in God’s name would the Cardinals want to trade Pujols away for 3 unsuccessful former big-league players and one unknown, non-projected prospect? Makes about as much sense as Karate chopping yourself in the neck for 11 hours straight.


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