Clubhouse turmoil between Girardi and players

Hat tip to Peter Abraham for bringing this to my attention on his blog.

From the the outside looking in as a fan, I could tell there was something wrong with this Yankee team since around May. The “chemistry” just wasn’t there, anymore. The smiles and joking just weren’t there on the bench, anymore. I had no faith that the 2008 Yankees were going to come roaring back to life, like they had done some many seasons previous to this debacle.  It seemed like there was tension at all times, the mood always seemed off. Girardi seemed disconnected from the players, and all of the sudden everyone and their mother was having a down season.

Low and behold, after all the rumblings of Girardi’s mis-communication, finally there was some verification of my personal hunch. Earlier today, Jon Heyman and Kim Jones, who spend a lot of time in the Yankee clubhouse, were interviewed on Mike Francesa. Both Jones and Heyman confirmed there was a disconnect between the Yankees and Manager Joe Girardi; the biggest disconnect was, supposedly, between Girardi and Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, and Johnny Damon. That is a major problem, those guys are the heart and soul of the Yankee team.

I entered this season disappointed in the departure of Joe Torre, but completely open-minded to the idea of Joe Girardi. As the season wore on, I became critical of Joe Girardi, and I remain critical. I want him to fit here, I want him to have success–I just don’t see it happening, until he hammers these internal problems out. In order to hammer these problems out, he has to realize that he is the problem. We all know that human ego is what stops relationships from being repaired; I just hope Girardi can put his ego aside for the betterment of the New York Yankees. Being the stubborn, overly-proud man he is, I’m not sure how well that is going to go over. I’m hoping for the best, because Girardi does seem to be a good-hearted man.

Illogically, many people wanted Joe Girardi in and Joe Torre out–this goes from Joe Schmoe sitting in his apartment in Yonkers, to Hank Steinbrenner and Randy Levine cockily looking down at their personal failure from the owners box. Are you sure Girardi in and Torre out  was the right decision? It isn’t a mere coincidence that everything fell completely apart when Girardi arrived in lieu of Joe Torre, and that upon his departure of New York and arrival to Los Angeles, Joe Torre guides a seemingly not-manageable, immature team to the NLCS.

All we can do now, is look towards the future and hope for the best.


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