McCarver Slams Manny, Baseball Prospectus discredits McCarver

Great Job by (Joe Sheehan) of Baseball Prospectus. Tim McCarver, known for his ridiculous statements and silly phrases, has recently Slammed Manny Ramirez . (Baseball Prospectus), doing the great job they always do,  then sorted out whether or not Mr. McCarver’s statements were factual. What a surprise, they were not.

I’m not a person who hates or dislikes Tim McCarver; I’m also not a Yankee fan who thinks his sole purpose in life is to discredit the Yankees and to have biased views at all times. But I am a fan of baseball who realizes that this man makes ridiculous, fallacious statements to a national audience. And Like (Joe Sheehan) says in his Tim McCarver-exposing piece, it’s not right.

Boston may have tried their usual smear campaign on people who have left the Red Sox on bad terms and, of course, Tim McCarver bought right into the hype. Before you try to dismantle a person’s character, you had better have your facts straight–especially if you’re going to rip him in front of a national audience. The terrific thing about McCarver saying these things, though, is that almost every baseball fan in America finds him ridiculous. If/when he rips into Manny Ramirez on national TV, the setiment of most fans will be: “Shut up, Tim.”

I like Manny, always have liked him. Yes, I hated the fact that he stuck it to the Yankees so many times, but he always seemed like he was enjoying himself and having fun out there. In my humble opinion, baseball needs more characters like Manny Ramirez; he has fun playing the game, he’s a free-spirit. He treats the game of baseball exactly like it should be treated: a game. More players with a  Manny Ramirez mind-set would make baseball fun again, and would stop the nonsensical “deadly business” atmosphere which has developed over the last fifteen or so seasons.

Once again, I urge you to read Joe Sheehan‘s piece on the facts.


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