Hank Steinbrenner:”I don’t care about some piss-ant employee”

George A. King III of the New York Post has the story.

To be honest, I’m getting tired of Hank Steinbrenner’s mouth.  I’m not sure whether or not the Yankee organization is as unorganized as it seems, but Hank sure does his best job at making it seem it is. Below is an excerpt from King’s piece:

“There is one very important point here,” Steinbrenner told The Post during an exclusive half-hour session. “The most important thing to remember is this: If you didn’t get it from me or my brother [Hal], it doesn’t mean [anything]. I don’t care about some piss-ant employee. If you don’t get it from me or Hal, it’s meaningless. I have a lot of things [in Tampa] and Hal is in New York, which is good.”

With a King Tut-like air of superiority about him, Hank lets the general baseball public know that he doesn’t give a damn about his employees. I don’t know if this is a case of being so dumb you don’t realize that everyone working for the Yankees is an employee, or if it’s just Hank, continuing to be the disrespectful person he comes off as. What’s going through Brian Cashman or Gene Michael’s heads, when they hear this nonsensical, tyrannical blabbering? I have to wonder if Cash is kicking himself in the rear end for accepting the job. After-all, he’s just a piss-ant employee.

Hank loves the spotlight and he loves to stir up a frenzy, but he has to realize that no-one likes him; if he doesn’t realize no-one likes him, then it must be his enablers convincing him otherwise–the people who run up on a Manhattan sidewalk and ask for his autograph. I know for a fact most Yankee fans dislike Hank, because I’m amongst Yankee fans daily. There’s never a positive word uttered on his behalf. I don’t know if he’s trying to emulate his father, a man who lived and died with the Yankees for over thirty years, but he is not and never will be The Boss.

Hank should stick to horses and leave the baseball business to people who both care about the Yankees and know what they’re talking about; the Pseudo Boss doesn’t possess either one of these qualities.


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