Yankees fire Bobby Meacham and pitching instructor Rich Monteleone

Peter Abraham, of the Journal News

The Yankees have decided not to renew the contract of 3B coach Bobby Meacham. Brian Cashman just handed down word via media relations director Jason Zillo.

Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News

A source with knowledge of the situation told the Daily News that Rich Monteleone, who served as the Yankees’ special pitching instructor, will also not be retained for 2009.

It was obvious someone–or multiple someones– were going to take the fall. Bobby Meacham was the obvious choice; with all due respect to the man, he did a terrible job as Third Base coach. Best of luck and much success to him elsewhere.

The second firing, I do not understand. Rich Monteleone did nothing but chart pitching and have pre-game duties. He was never even in uniform. Why did the Yankees fire him? To show the fans that they aren’t scared to fire anyone?

Looking from the outside in, Rob Thompson had to go. I saw him interacting with the players maybe three-to-four times throughout the entire regular season. Did anyone see him do anything, besides huddle up as closely as possible to Joe Girardi? He stood there looking miserable and angry the entire season.

Kevin Long? I’m undecided on whether or not he’s an effective hitting instructor. In 2007, he was the hitting coach for an offensive Yankee Juggernaut which scored 968 runs. In 2008, he was the hitting coach for a Yankee team which scored almost 200 runs fewer. The players do seem to love him, and he does work hard evidenced by the fact that he was–and maybe still is–in the Dominican Republic working with Robbie Cano].

Possible Replacements for Third Base Coach? Peter Abraham says:

the Yankees have not named a replacement. There are several ways they could go here:

1. Name a new 3B coach

2. Move Rob Thomson or Tony Pena to 3B and name a new bench coach or first base coach.

Single-A Tampa manager Luis Sojo would appear to be a candidate but he was not particularly good at coaching third when he had the job a few years ago.

This is all just speculation.

Who will replace Rich Monteleone? Who cares.

Might someone else need to get the boot? Just a thought.


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