Everyone wants answers

The organizational meetings have started, the World Series hasn’t even started yet, yet Yankee fans want answers and they want them now. There’s a mess of options, and people are confused on what, when and how the situation is going to play itself out. I’m going to give a quick run-down on what I’m guessing will happen.

Starting Pitching-

  • Andy Pettitte will sign a one-year deal in the eight-to-twelve million-dollar range
  • Mike Mussina will return for at least one season, with a contract similar to Pettitte.
  • Joba Chamberlain will start(thank God).
  • CC Sabathia will be in Pinstripes
  • There will be no Lowe or Burnett.

If Mussina doesn’t return,  Phil Hughes will take his place in the rotation.  If Mussina does return, we will see one of the craziest AAA rotations of all time: Phil Hughes, Al Aceves, Ian Kennedy, Chase Wright, Jeff Marquez/Alan Horne. This will give the Yankees a deep rotation at the Major League Level and a deep pool of talent to choose from, if an injury does occur(one will occur).

This is the best scenario for Yankee starting pitching, because it will be one of baseball’s top rotations and it will give the youngsters a chance to stretch their innings out and become more seasoned.

Relief Pitching

  • Mariano Rivera Closer
  • Brian Bruney RHSU
  • Jose Veras RHSU
  • Edwar Ramirez RHSU
  • Damaso Marte LHSU
  • Phil Coke LHSU
  • Dan Giese Long Relief

There’s a significant chance Damaso Marte’s option could be turned down. In that case, he would be offered arbitration. If and when he is offered arbitration, he would most likely turn it down and look to sign elsewhere for multiple seasons. Yankees will get the picks. In this case, Mark Melancon would most likely take his place in the bullpen. Also, in the event a relief pitcher struggles and is optioned to AAA, Melancon would replace them.

As far as the offense goes, it’s hard to make sense of. I’ll give it a try-

  • Abreu will be offered a two-year contract, or he will be offered arbitration. Chances are he’s gone.
  • Teixeira could be signed, but is a client of Scott Boras and is reportedly looking for a ten-year contract. Plus the Angels love him in the lineup with Vlad.
  • Manny Ramirez is also a Scott Boras client, could be signed, but is also looking for a ridiculous six-year contract which has him playing until he’s forty-two. No chance.
  • Gardner could play center, Damon could play center, Melky could play center, or a trade could be made for a David Dejesus type of player.
  • A trade could be made for a 1b like Prince Fielder or Derrek Lee. Or Miranda could be used in a platoon with Ransom. Or another aging veteran like Millar could be brought aboard…Or Giambi might be back. Impossible to tell as of now.
  • Cano, Damon and Matsui could all be traded, but I doubt any of them will.

What I’m looking forward to is the return of a healthy Jorge Posada and a healthy Hideki Matsui, plus a rebound season from Robinson Cano. Those three should combine for 50-70 homers and 250+ RBI. Add to that any of the aforementioned big bats and the Yankee offense is poised to return to juggernaut form.

People need not be excited over organizational meetings in October seeing as nothing legitimate ever comes out of them. Hank will probably start running his mouth, but the man is not to be taken seriously. In all reality, we’re all pretty much clueless until November the earliest.


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