The Yankees have eyes that are looking at everybody

Jon Heyman in a recent article published on says the Yankees are looking at all premier possibilities–this includes a possible trade for Jake Peavy.

Ed Price of The Star Ledger says“Yankees would have to convince Peavy to leave  NL”

The Yankees are exploring all options: CC Sabathia, Jake Peavy, Mark Teixeira, Ben Sheets, Derek Lowe, AJ Burnett, Manny Ramirez, Andy Pettitte, Mike Mussina.

If this is the case, then the build within and cut payroll plan is kaput. There will be no $180M payroll and there will be nobody not named Joba Chamberlain safe from the trading block. These Yankees are going to go all out–the front office is embarrassed by the Yankees’ October absence and seems willing to do anything to avoid this two consecutive seasons.

Since it looks like they’re going to exhaust all resources to get the best possible players, they should go at it like this:

  1. Sign CC Sabathia
  2. Sign Mark Teixeira
  3. Trade for Jake Peavy
  4. Resign either Mike Mussina or Andy Pettitte

Trade Hughes and Kennedy or any of our top prospects for Peavy and then extend his contract? You betcha.

I love Phil Hughes and have been an avid supporter of his, but this is a move that you’d have to make. Jake Peavy was born in 1981. He’s been the most dominating pitcher in the National League for the past five seasons. If this was an older veteran on the downside of his career, there would be no way I’d consider this trade; that’s not the case: Jake Peavy is just entering his prime.  The kid has electric stuff and outstanding control. With that kind of stuff and control, you’re going to post killer numbers no-matter which division or league you’re throwing in.

  1. CC Sabathia
  2. Jake Peavy
  3. Chien-Ming Wang
  4. Joba Chamberlain
  5. Andy Pettitte or Mike Mussina

Think for a minute: Let that rotation sink into your head and try to imagine…Now, can you even comprehend how unfair that is to opposing ball clubs? That’s a rotation that makes the current Rays, Blue Jays and Red Sox rotations look fragile. Heck, that makes the 1998 Yankees’ rotation look wimpy.

The offense wouldn’t be equally insane, but it would not be lagging far behind. If my scenario plays itself out, you’d have the return of Hideki Matsui and Jorge Posada. You’d have what should be a rebound season from Robinson Cano, and the addition of the Gold Glove-winning, switch-hitting slugger Mark Teixeira. That’s a ton of production.

  1. LF-Johnny Damon
  2. SS-Derek Jeter
  3. 1B-Mark Teixeira
  4. 3B-Alex Rodriguez
  5. DH-Hideki Matsui
  6. RF-Xavier Nady
  7. 2B-Robinson Cano
  8. C-Jorge Posada
  9. CF-Brett Gardner

I know I have laid out other scenarios and options since the end of the ’08 season, but those were before I knew the Yankees were willing to exhaust all  options. That was before I knew Manny Ramirez was looking to get a six-year contract. And that’s before I knew the Padres were willing to trade Jake Peavy.

I keep hearing “If the Yankees are going to trade for Peavy, why didn’t they just do it for Santana?” Three answers: Peavy is younger, Peavy is cheaper and the Yankees made a mistake.


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