Joba Chamberlain arrested for driving under the influence

Peter Abraham reports it.

Drunk driving is a terrible thing. I’ve seen it take lives of those I know personally and I’m just as against it as anyone you will ever meet in your life.

Joba’s a young man, so I’m not going to judge him based on a mistake so early in his life. I  hope this is the first and last time he drives while under the influence. Joba should be suspended, but his life should not be dragged through the mud for this. People do make unfortunate mistakes, but everyone deserves chances to redeem themselves.

Does Joba deserve discipline? Of course. But I hope the media and general public don’t start butchering his life. It doesn’t better any situation. People can only try to move forward and try to do better. If and when they don’t move forward and keep repeating the same mistakes, that’s when you tear them to pieces.

Thankfully no one was harmed.


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