It’s a Phillies/Rays World Series

Who predicted this? Anyone?

This is why I love the game of baseball; you cannot truly predict anything. It’s much too long a season, and there’s too many variables. This is the one sport where the most absurd-seeming occurrences happen on a daily basis. For those of us who understand and love the game of baseball and all of it’s quirks, it’s very special to see this, no-matter which team it is you’re pulling for.

Now that I’ve just got done saying how much I love the oddity we call baseball, and that we cannot truly predict what’s going to happen, I’m going to contradict myself and make a prediction: Tampa Bay will sweep Philly.

The Rays are a AL East-hardened franchise which has seen nothing but savage beatings handed to them by division rivals-particularly the Yankees and Red Sox. This is a Rays team which went from “Worst-to-First” ,  winning 97 games in a division which had 3 other teams possessing records at least 10 games above .500 and payrolls their franchise cannot even fathom.

Their rotation: fantastic; their offense; well-balanced and fantastic; their defense: superb and very athletic; their bullpen: solid. The Rays have one missing piece, and that is a lock-down closer. But it doesn’t look like that will be stopping them anytime soon, especially since young Phenom David Price looks to be exactly what they were searching for.

Good luck Tampa Bay Devil Rays. And thank you oh so much for squashing any thought of Dynasty out of Red Sox Nation’s collective mind.


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