Stop whining about baseball broadcasters

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that so many baseball fans feel the need to whine and complain about certain baseball broadcasters? Does anyone else find it annoying that, while heading to one of the top Yankee blogs for news or analysis, they instead see someone moaning about how horrible an announcer is?

Yankee fans and Red Sox fans are the worst with this nonsense. Both fan bases are paranoid enough to believe that everyone working for ESPN and FOX is anti-Yankee or anti-Red Sox. Can we stop with the woe-is-me stuff, please? Stop acting like it’s the life-long goal of these people to “hate on” your team. Oooooh, such a conspiracy!

  • Yankee fans hate Joe Morgan, because he’s disrespectful, talks about himself too much and  he hates the Yankees.
  • Yankee fans hate Jon Miller because of his home run calls, and because he hates the Yankees.
  • Yankee fans hate Tim McCarver, because he says extremely goofy things, and because he too hates the Yankees
  • Yankee fans hate Joe Buck, because he’s too “Robotic” and he, of course, hates the Yankees.

This is absolutely ridiculous–nothing but mere paranoia. The same people who complain about Jon Miller’s spirited home run calls, are the ones who whine and moan because Buck is too “robotic”. All four of these men broadcast every single game the same way; there’s no difference between a Yankees VS Orioles game and a Brewers VS Padres game. None. Get over it.

Quit whining; if it’s really that bad, hit the doggone MUTE button. You sound like a bunch of cry babies.


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