The GM meetings wound up being pointless

What is the point of the General Managers meeting, again? Are these meetings designed only to stoke the hot stove?

What was accomplished: Yankees signed Mitre to a minor league deal.

There was talk of the Yankees sitting down with CC’s agent. There was talk about the Yankees wanting Teixeira, and how he’d be a perfect fit for the Yankees. There was talk about Manny Ramirez, and how Scott Boras is trying to secure the aging slugger a contract which brings him to the age of forty-two.  There was talk of Jake Peavy being traded, and how the Yankees might or might not be suitors.

Most of all, there was what we see every single time at these ridiculous meetings: The entire game of baseball trying to use the Yankees, Red Sox and Mets as leverage. Is anyone besides me getting tired of this? Sure, I like hearing anything baseball during the off-season, because I’m in love with the sport, but can we accomplish something here for once?

The only thing that came out of these General Manager meetings, is a couple of basketball games played by the GM’s, ridiculous he-said-she-said rumors from sports writers, and bloated Yankee fan blogs ripping sports writers apart for talking about such ridiculous topics.

With that said, it was a non-ridiculous fan site which has posted a simple–yet logical–scenario on one of the pieces the Yankees should retain. From NoMaas:

11.06.2008 To reiterate

If Pettitte wants to return, it makes a ton of sense for the Yankees to re-sign him.  We’ve already stated that we want him back on a 1-year deal, but even a 2-year deal (which he supposedly wants) wouldn’t be the end of the world.  It wouldn’t be optimal, but we could work with it.  Detractors shout, “He had 14 losses and a 4.54 ERA!11!!” However, that argument displays a mere surface level understanding of pitcher evaluation.  Let’s recap some of the points we’ve made about the large-nosed Texan:

1. Only 11 MLB pitchers have thrown more innings than Pettitte over the last two seasons (419 1/3 IP).  Innings are kind of a big deal.

2. His ERA was 4.54, but his FIP was 3.74, which shows he was a victim of some poor defense and bad luck.

3. His groundball rate, K/9, and K/BB were all better in 2008 than in 2007.

4. His line drive percentage was only 0.5% higher in 2008 than in 2007.

Andy is still a quality starter.

I did not agree with bringing back Andy initially, I guess because it was my knee-jerk reaction to his record and ERA. The point they raise on their blog is legitimate and should not be over-looked. Andy ran into a lot of bad luck last season, mostly due to the sloppy defense; still he pitched well over 200 innings and won 14 games.

If the Yankees shore up the defense with a solid glove at first, whether it be Mark Teixeira or Nick Swisher, and a solid glove in Center Field, whether it be Brett Gardner or Mike Cameron, this will improve the likelihood of Andy and the rest of our pitcher’s chance at success.

This gives the Yankees a very strong top three of Chien-Ming Wang, Joba Chamberlain and Andy Pettitte.  Add to that another big-name pitcher(hopefully CC Sabathia), and the Yankees are in good shape to go to war.


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